Innovation Subcommittee
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Working with our industry stakeholders, we will foster and facilitate a collaborative culture for rapid implementation of meaningful innovations to efficiently deliver to the public a modern, high quality transportation system.


Objectives/Action Plans:

OBJ: Solicit industry stakeholders on innovations taking place with the MD transportation industry

AP: Develop survey to gauge the number and breadth of innovation that is taking place in the industry


OBJ: Support the implementation of FHWA Every Day County (EDC) Initiatives

AP: Working with FHWA partners, we will continue to provide quarterly updates on progress on EDC initiatives being pursued by MDOT and the industry.


OBJ: Identify opportunities to implement innovations to overcome challenges faced by today's transportation practitioners

AP: Develop a survey that identifies current challenges faced by today's practitioners that could be overcome though the implementation of innovation.


OBJ: Develop process by which innovations are identified and prioritized for recommendations to the Maryland State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC)

AP: Once results are received from survey, work with MdQI Innovations Subcommittee to develop a process and format to present innovations for implementation by the MD STIC



Innovation Subcommittee Members 2017 PDF Print E-mail


Aaron Jones - MDOT SHA

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Dave Coyne - JMT

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Mark DeLuca – CEAM

Bimal Devkota – Baltimore City DOT

Dr. Andrew Farcas – Morgan State University

Ben Gilardi – MDOT SHA

Subrat Mahapatra – MDOT SHA

Tony Mawry – Wallace Montgomery (Industry Representative) 

Eric Marabello – MDOT SHA

Mike Rice – MDTA

Jeff Robert – MDOT SHA

Jim Russ – MTBMA

John Schofield – MDOT SHA

Dr. Lei Zhang – University of MD, College Park