MdQI Conference Subcommittee
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The MdQI Conference Subcommittee's mission is to plan and host the annual MdQI Conference, which provides members of the Maryland transportation industry with opportunities for education, information sharing, networking, and recognition. 

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Ray Moravec
Wallace Montgomery, 410-494-9093

Doug Rose
JMT Engineering, 410-316-2345


Conference Manager:

Shelly Baquol, MTBMA, 410-316-2345


MDOT-SHA, DACEOO Rotation Program Participants:

Belinda Cavey, MDOT-SHA, District 4

Shawn Galloway, MDOT-SHA, District 5


Committee Members:

Samuel Aimufua, MDOT-SHA, DACEOO

Dennis Atkins, MDOT-SHA, OPPE

Danielle Black, MDOT-SHA, District 3

Theresa Bronakoski, DFI Inc.

Elizabeth Brusio, Wallace Montgomery

Kenevy Colindres, Puente Consultants

Dierdre Crowl, KCI

Yasin Gregg, MDOT-SHA, OED

Sandy Henningsen, Hillis-Carnes Eng. Associates

Catherine Johnson, MDOT-SHA, OIT

Brian Lange, AECOM

Scheryl Brown Lloyd, MDOT-SHA, DACEOO

Butch Lundgren, Concrete General, Inc.

L'Kiesha Markley, MDOT-SHA, OPPE

Pat Martino, RK&K

Tracy Patey, MDOT-SHA, District 1

Angela Perry, Hardesty & Hanover

Stephone Roberts, MDOT-SHA, OHD

Russ Walto, MDOT-MDTA

Fran Ward, MDOT-SHA, District 4










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  • Obtain and Evaluate Feedback to improve MdQI conference to meet needs of the Transportation Industry.
  • Schedule and Budget Conference
  • Coordinate General Sessions and Keynote Speakers
  • Promote MdQI Conference Theme and Topics
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The Maryland Quality Initiative (MdQI) is dedicated to improving the quality of transportation services we provide to Maryland citizens. For twenty-three years we have delivered on transportation priorities through continued engagement and communication with our partners and customers. Every year transportation professionals use MdQI as the platform to develop new ideas which often result in an improved quality of service with an improved value for our customers.

Since its inception in 1992, MdQI has been a driving force in promoting partnerships among our sponsoring agencies and forging relationships which allow us to engage in candid discussions that will lead to a continuous improvements in Maryland's transportation system.

Registration is closed for the 24th annual MdQI Conference and Annual Awards: January 25 and 26, 2017.  See you at the conference! 

Location: Baltimore Convention Center at One West Pratt Street, Baltimore 

Conference Hotel: Baltimore Hilton, 401 West Pratt Street, Baltimore (if you stay and/or park at the Hilton Hotel, it is connected to the Convention Center by sky bridge over Pratt Street and Light Rail tracks).

Convention Center & Hilton Hotel Building Entrance Hours

Tuesday, January 24: Convention Center Load-In for Exhibitors, Loading Dock Only 1 PM – 5PM
Buildings will be closed.

Wednesday, January 25: Hilton Hotel Doors Open 7:00 A.M.; Convention Center Doors Open 7:30 A.M., Close at 7:30 P.M.

Thursday, January 26, 2017 Building Hours
Hilton Hotel Doors Open at 6:30 A.M.; Convention Center Doors Open 7:00 A.M., Close at 9:00 P.M.

Conference Program and Information

Information for Sponsors and Exhibitors

Annual Engineering and Derby Contests

Baltimore Parking Information (by Visit Baltimore, information not provided by MdQI)

MTA Light Rail and Bus Information

Charm City Circulator - Downtown Baltimore Bus Circulator

Questions about the registration process, sponsorship or exhibitor booths - call prior to January 24.

Contact: Shelly Baquol, MTBMA - (410) 760-9505. 



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"Delivering on Maryland's Transportation Investment" was held February 12 and 13, 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Registration Form and Conference Schedule

Conference Information

Technical Sessions