Partnering Subcommittee
Mission PDF Print E-mail

To develop, initiate, and promote partnering which offers opportunities to improve communication, provide structured issue resolution and timely follow-up throughout the transportation industry.

Goals PDF Print E-mail
Goal: Improve/Enhance Partnering Process
Review Partnering Measurements.
Increase participation of all members throughout the process.
Review Partnering Data Base process and data for improvements.
Revise Partnering Field Guide
Visit Partnering projects
Provide quarterly reports to SHA and Contractor representatives
Re-evaluate current criteria being measured
Review and update Partnering process and tools

Goal: Promote Partnering
Keep Partnering Website up-to-date
Provide Partnering training annually
Participate in the annual Construction Winter Training Conference
Participate in the annual MdQI Conference

Goal: Involvement in the National Partnering Efforts
Continue Partnering Outreach for surrounding states' DOTs
Subcommittee Accomplishments:
Provided partnering training and workshops to SHA, MDTA, Contractors and Consultants
Developed tools and data base for statewide measurement of partnering
Developed Third Edition of the Partnering Manual
Maintained high level of participation in partnering program (currently 100%)
Assisted in the expansion of partnering practices to MDTA construction projects
Reviewed and made changes to the Partnering Award Application Form to include new modal administrations involved in MdQI



Recent Activities 2015 - 2018:

Created a new brochure Discover Partnering to provide general information on Partnering

Continuing outreach to federal, state and local agencies

Updated the Partnering Manuals (Design and Construction)

Celebrated 25 years of Partnering at the 2016 MdQI conference and other events

Plan to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of MdQI Conferences in 2018 and present FY 2017 Awards at the 2018 conference


Partnering Awards Application for FY 17 Projects - Due Monday, October 2, 2017. 






MdQI Partnering Award Winners 2000-2014 PDF Print E-mail

Congratulations to the MdQI Partnering Award Winners (2000-2014)

Partnering Subcomittee Members 2017 PDF Print E-mail

Steve Whitecotton, Co-Chair

P. Flanigan & Sons, 410-467-5900
Hilary Gonzales, Acting Co-Chair 

MDOT SHA Acting Partnering Coordinator, District 5, 410-841-1020 or 443-463-7141





Jimmy Bahr MDOT MDTA
Cornelius Barmer MDOT SHA, OHD
David Beaulieu Prime AE Group, Inc.
Peter Bernat Corman Construction, Inc.
Lourdes Casteneda FHWA
Matt Harrell WSP USA 
John Hayter AECOM
Bill Hoff Stantec
John Huchrowski Prime AE Group, Inc.
Scott Kiebler Whitman, Requardt & Associates
Joseph Manning Wallace Montgomery
Kevin Mullen Midasco
Franz "Alex" Ollerman MDOT MAA
Eddie Poffenberger MDOT SHA, District 7 - Construction
Stephanie Pratt iCivil, Inc.
Bridgid Seering MDOT SHA -DACEO / Partnering Coordinator
Ed Shirk Sunrise Safety Services
Don Smith Century Engineering
Teri Soos MDOT SHA, District 7 - Project Development
Fred Valente WSP USA
Mike Veid Joseph B. Fay Company
Bob Ziemski EBA Engineering


443-463-7141.  Or 410-841-1020